Thursday, 3 December 2015

3rd December: Handmade Sock Snowman

A couple of years ago I had a go at making a sock snowman and it was great fun! Mr Sock Snowman now comes out every Christmas and has pride of place in the living room for all to admire and prod his rice-filled tummy!

Sock snowmen are great fun to make whether you're a kid or an adult!
Here's a few instructions on how to make a sock snowman (or how I made mine - alter as you like!):
You'll Need:
  • One clean white non-cheesy sock
  • Rice or other dried pulses for the filling
  • Buttons for eyes & other decoration
  • Orange card for the nose (or whatever you can find to resemble a little carrot!)
  • Needle & thread
  • Scissors
  • Yarn (for knitting/crocheting a scarf and hat)
  • Hair tie/elastic band x2
I started by filling the sock with rice (fill the sock about halfway). I used rice as rice was big enough that I didn't need to line the inside with something beforehand and could pour it straight into the sock. Dried lentils or something similar would also work well, but I'd avoid anything messy like flour.
Get a hair tie and tie tightly around where you've filled to in the sock to hold the rice into the first 'section' of your snowman. Fill the remainder of the sock with more rice, making sure you leave plenty of excess sock at the top to tie off. Tie off with the other hair band/elastic band and cut off any excess sock that you don't want - so Mr Snowman doesn't look like he has a ponytail!
Mould rice in the sock until the snowman looks how you'd like him to look - aka, nice and round! Sew buttons on for eyes and any other décor you'd like to give your snowman. Alternatively you could just glue decoration onto him rather than having to do any sewing.
Knit a simple scarf and hat for Mr Snowman so he doesn't look so naked, I used some leftover red yarn and made him a cute bobble for his hat too. You could use leftover scraps of fabric as a scarf if not or tie a nice ribbon around his neck.
I made a basic cone shape out of some orange card and used a sewing pin to fasten it in place on the snowman as his nose. I decided against a mouth as I thought he looked better without but you could always sew on a mouth :-)
One other thing you could do to make your sock snowman look extra accessorised is find some small twigs in the garden to act as arms - you should be able to poke these straight through the sock and they should stay in position.
And there you go, a simple but funny Sock Snowman! If you're adventurous you could always make a whole family of sock snowmen! Using a brown sock you could make a sock reindeer, a black sock you could make a penguin and so on! I'd love to see your creations if you give it a go :-)
Em x

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