Friday, 11 December 2015

11th December: Handmade Gifts No.2 - Candle Decorating

Next in my handmade gift blog posts is candles. I love candles! A couple of years ago I made these candles for friends. I'm afraid I didn't make the actual candles - something I want to have a go at one day. I just bought some plain pillar candles from Wilko and decorated them myself to make them look extra festive and just as a nice extra in the Christmas goody boxes I made for friends that was cheap and cheerful.

This post isn't so much instructions, but more to just share my creativities hopefully to provide a bit of inspiration. As I said above, they were just plain pillar candles that I decorated using some gems which I glued on, wrapped around some ribbon and then presented them in cellophane to keep them protected in the goody box.

I made it easy for my friends to remove the ribbon before lighting the candles and they all said they burned really well which is good. I even included a little gift tag and poem, just to make them a little more quirky, but you don't have to be as cheesy as me :-)
It shows just how easy it can be to jazz something up a little to give someone as a gift. It would be even better to say I made the candle too but sadly I'm not quite that clever! I was really pleased with my handmade gifts that year. For each of my close friends (the girls), I gave them a goody box containing the following; a handmade candle, homemade freshly baked fruit cake, handmade bracelets and a personal present for each of them. I had a lot of time that year which I don't seem to have this year so I'm really slacking on the handmade front. I have however made some handmade Christmas decorations, made a scarf for my best friend and done lots of baking so I suppose that's still good :-)
Have a good weekend!


  1. They look great, such a lovely idea a box full of hand made treats. Sadly lacking here - none of my friends are crafty in any way at all! Busy Bee I've been this week so really late commenting on blogs - your wreath looks fantastic I always say I will make one but never get round to it x

    1. Thanks Jo :) Only a few of my friends are crafty but I think regardless they always like getting something handmade. Glad you like the wreath, looking forward to your next blog post :) x