Thursday, 3 December 2015

2nd December: New Furniture!

Hello, hope everyone is well. It doesn't quite feel like December, I'm not sure why but I think it has something to do with it being so mild outside. I do hope the frosty mornings arrive again soon, we've only had one here in Berkshire so far.

Yesterday I didn't get a chance to blog as I was busy working from home while I waited for our new sofa and armchair to arrived. I've set myself the challenge of trying to blog every day this month with lots of festive fun, but so far I'm not doing too well! Anyway, the new sofa and armchair arrived and I'm so happy with them. Our living room now feels so much more homely and it's a bit of a luxury for Jack and I to have somewhere comfy to sit!

New sofa!
New armchair!
The new furniture needs breaking in and the dog looks longingly at us while we lounge on our new furniture, sorry Barry but these are just too nice to share with you yet! I add yet because I'm sure at some point I will give in and so will Jack, but I've set a precedent with these so far and Barry is happy snuggling in his bed as long as he is near us and can see us. I loved snuggling up in the armchair while reading a magazine, it's the perfect size for me!
I took Barry for a long walk yesterday while there was still some daylight and we paced it up to the Ridgeway where it was very windy. We were racing the daylight on the way home and made it back just as it got dark; a 3.5 mile walk in 54 minutes isn't bad! Barry was very sleepy for the rest of the evening after his fun muddy walk.
Just a bit windy as we head up to the gallops and the Ridgeway
Em x

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