Monday, 7 December 2015

6th December: Choosing a Christmas Tree

It was a very busy Sunday for us, but we achieved a lot; the roof is on Jack's shed, it's been felted too so now all he has left to do is the door - photos to follow soon. We went for a long walk first thing on Sunday morning and despite it being very windy the sun was shining as we left the house at 8am. We also had a visit to the local garden centre to buy a few Christmas decorations as I had a voucher to use.

We then drove to Yattendon estate, not far from us, to buy our Christmas tree. It was heaving with people and they had a lovely indoor Christmas bazaar going on too so the place had a great atmosphere. Jack gave me responsibility of choosing the tree and I went for quite a big one! It's beautiful!

Jack and our tree!
We left it in the net for most of the day once we were home as Jack's parents were visiting in the afternoon. They loved our new sofas, Jack's dad helped Jack with the shed while Sarah and I kept Barry entertained. We had a lovely Sunday lunch at the village pub before Sarah and Richard left to drive home.
It was only late last night that we opened the tree out of the net and realised just how huge the tree was that I had chosen! It's gigantic! Probably just as wide as it is tall! We cut the old sofa into pieces ready to take to the tip next week and that cleared a huge space for the tree, but it still looks huge!
Barry trying to help give a sense of perspective!
It looks lovely anyway and is now just waiting to be decorated - I definitely need another set of lights and some more baubles!
I'm starting to feel festive now and I can't wait to decorate the tree!
Em x

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