Tuesday, 22 December 2015

22nd December: Collecting The Turkey & Poorly Pup

Christmas really is just around the corner; the traffic on the roads in Newbury is crazy during the day with everyone rushing to do some last minute Christmas shopping. I'm so glad I'm all sorted already with that!

I'm full of cold as of yesterday which is just typical with Christmas fast approaching! Trying my best to shake it off before Christmas arrives. It meant I had a terrible night's sleep last night but was also a blessing in that I was up a decent time to drive to the local farm shop to pick up our pre-ordered turkey crown. The queue in the farm shop was phenomenal considering how early in the morning it was but I suppose everyone has the same idea to collect it first thing before the day has started. It's now tucked up in our fridge ready for Christmas, it weighs 4kg so it'll provide plenty of meat for the two of us on Christmas day and also provide me with lots of leftover meat for cold meat dinners, pies, pastas and soups.

I've got to take Barry to the Vets tonight; he's had an upset tummy for almost a week now and despite feeding him plain boiled chicken and rice for the last couple of days he's been sick overnight and on a couple of other occasions, so best to get him checked out. He seems happy in himself and eating/playing well but for peace of mind I'm taking him in now that it's gone on for a week. Knowing Barry, he's probably eaten something he shouldn't have and it's upset his tummy - Jack was chasing him around the garden the other morning because Barry had found a dead decomposing frog, so it could even be that! What is it with dogs and dead things?! I'll let you know how it goes. Just the two of us again tonight anyway as Jack is off to Ally Pally to watch the darts, so once we're home from the Vets I'll be snuggling up with the dog for the evening before an early night to hopefully shift this cold!

Have a good day!
Em x

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  1. Oh poor Barry I hope he perks up enough to enjoy Christmas x