I'm Emma, I'm 26 and I live in a quiet and quaint village on the West Berkshire/Oxfordshire border. I love the countryside and my boyfriend, Jack, and I love nothing more than donning the wellies and exploring our local countryside with our loyal and lovable Jack Russell Terrier, Barry.

Jack and I both grew up in Cambridgeshire and have been together for eight years. Work after university brought Jack to Newbury, Berkshire and I followed him a short while later to start a new life together in a different part of the country. We love Berkshire; we have lovely towns nearby, pretty rolling countryside surrounding us and have enjoyed making home in a new place. We bought our first house together back in January 2015 and we've enjoyed lots of decorating, barbeques and gardening in our new home. Our house and garden backs onto open farmland and The Ridgeway just beyond that, where we enjoy lots of walks with the dog.

We got our handsome Jack Russell Terrier back in March when Barry was just eight weeks old. We can't imagine life without him now and he's such a character. He's my little limpet and always right by my side and he loves nothing more than running around outdoors, chasing balls or snoozing between Jack and I on the sofa. He's also got two best friends, Squirt & Lola my two Hermanns Tortoises who also feature in my blog from time to time. I'm a big photography fan and I'm sure you'll see a lot of photos of my animals on my blog! We're also hoping to go on a few dog-walking holidays next year so I'm going to make sure I document dog-friendly accommodation etc. when I've carried out my research on where we're going to go for anyone else who may be considering a holiday in the UK with their four-legged friend.

I created this blog with the idea of somewhere I could collate my craft projects in order to share them all with you too. I also ramble on about lots of other things and take a lot of photos! I'm always keen to try new things and have recently taught myself how to crochet. After much huffing and sighing I've finally managed to get it and now I'm crochet-obsessed! I also love sewing, cooking, baking, card making and photography.

I do hope you'll enjoy my blog and I look forward to reading yours too. I appreciate all your comments and will always reply to them, they really do mean a lot :-)


Em x

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