Tuesday, 5 April 2016

Latest Project: Making a Terrarium

I've taken up yet another hobby (before completing outstanding projects... story of my life!) and I had such good fun with this one. I'm an avid Pinterest user and kept stumbling across Terrariums and became quite fascinated by them, so decided to give it a go myself.

I went to Homesense on Saturday while Jenna was here and it's a great shop. Lots of beautiful things at very good prices; they're in partnership with TK Maxx I believe. One of the items I found was a beautiful glass terrarium in the shape of a lightbulb. It has a nice flat bottom so can be sat on the side somewhere or it can also be hung.

Once Jenna had gone home yesterday (after a lovely girly weekend together), I popped to the Garden Centre to buy supplies for my terrarium. They have cute miniature succulents there, I bought some small grit/stones to help retain moisture and a small bag of compost specifically for cacti and succulents (they're sometimes called Air plants too, or is that an American term?).

Once home I set about following some instructions I found on the internet to build my terrarium and I'm pleased to say it was fairly easy, though a tad fiddly and I'm really pleased with the finished result. They'd definitely make wonderful gifts for people and I'm already considering making one for a couple of friends who've said they like them.

It is currently sitting on the dresser until I decide where to put it but ideally I'd like to hang it in the conservatory (where Jack won't bump his head on it!), but I currently have a hanging basket I've planted growing in there - I always keep them indoors for as long as possible to let the plants establish in the nice warm room before hanging it outside our front door.

I definitely have the terrarium bug now and want to have a go at a few more; I love the moss-filled ones that people create and turn into miniature fairy gardens and other scenes. I've got a teeny tiny horse figurine somewhere that would look perfect on a little moss hill! Jack is a typical bloke and when I chatted to him about it on the phone last night he feigned interest when really he's thinking I've lost the plot! Perhaps I have, but it was very therapeutic.

Have a good week everyone! I'm off to read your blogs and see your latest projects!

Em x


  1. It looks really good Emma. I remember my dad doing something similar when I was much younger. Homesense is a fab place to shop isn't it, we have one fairly local to where I live xx

    1. Thanks Jo! I really enjoyed making it. I'm interested to see how quickly they out-grow the terrariums, hopefully not too quickly! I loved Homesense, my first trip and now I know where it is....! xx