Thursday, 21 April 2016

Enjoying The Sunshine

It was glorious weather yesterday; I was so pleased to finish work and then spent all afternoon in the garden with Barry and the tortoises. Barry had a vets appointment (you gasp but for once he's absolutely fine!), just for his annual jabs now that he's all better. The vet said that Barry looks the picture of health, very fit and muscly with all the walking and activities we do.

I spent the afternoon pottering around the garden; the tortoises were sunbathing in their run and chomping on dandelions, there was a big bumblebee busy at work around my lavender plants in the garden and Barry was hunting spiders. I busied myself with planting a few more plants in the wildflower bed, admired the little blackcurrants appearing on my blackcurrant plant and I also re-potted some seedlings.

Squirt & Lola enjoying the April sunshine

I also bought two bargain bunches of Irises in Tesco for £1 each. They're some of my favourite flowers and being purple I suppose it's quite easy to guess that (I do love purple). They're opening quickly anyway and providing nice colour on the dining table.

One thing I have really noticed since the weekend is the return of hay fever :-( My eyes have been very itchy, I've been sneezing nonstop too. I'm just about managing to keep it under control with tissues, nasal spray, eye drops and tablets - I just need a gas mask and I'm complete! I really hope it isn't as bad as last year, it really got me down last year because it was the worst it had ever been and I've suffered for over 20 years. When will I outgrow it?!?! I'm back at the doctors next week anyway to see what other treatments I can try.

Regardless of hay fever, I try not to let it stop me getting outdoors (after all it does has something to do trying to build up an immunity) and gardening is one of my forms of relaxing so it's important I continue when I can. I love seeing colour appear in the garden regardless of hayfever and I've got a lot of seeds on the go.

My favourite plants/flowers;
Gerbera - such happy giant daisy faces
Mesembryanthemum - hope I got that right!
Dogwood - I love the red stems and contrasting green leaves
Lavender - for the bees
Buddleia - for the butterflies
Saxifrage - A new addition to my garden this year and I love the little flowers
Sage - my favourite herb

What are your favourite plants/flowers?

Em x


  1. There seems a lot of people having hay fever this week, have you tried local honey to help build up your immunity, I believe you are suppose to start in October and have a teaspoon a day to build up immunity to local pollen, it has to be honey thats produced in your area, by brother in law does it and swears by it.

  2. I suffered with hay fever for the first time last year. I've started with itchy watery eyes again but hope it's just down to being over tired! The weather has been lovely hasn't it. I like zinnias, cosmos & tulips the best but I'm sure there are many more I could pick xx