Thursday, 14 April 2016

Dog Walks: Greenham Common, Newbury, West Berkshire

I'm afraid I stupidly forgot my camera and then my phone went flat half way around, but I did manage to get just one photo of Barry enjoying his walk at Greenham Common.

I used to come to Greenham Common a lot when we first moved to Newbury; I missed all of the RSPB nature reserves back in East Anglia and so I was thrilled to discover this place. Walk-wise it's very easy and flat with stone track all the way around (our walk was around 2.5 miles yesterday). The gorse looks so pretty at the moment and it's great to see so much wildlife (mainly birds, but on warmer days it's quite common to see snakes). I enjoyed a lovely walk here last night with my friend and Barry enjoyed running between all of the gorse. The dark rain clouds threatened above but luckily they held off right until the moment we got back in our cars to drive to my friend's house.

We enjoyed a nice evening catching up with our friends then and Barry was completely worn out having raced around Greenham Common at 100mph! He also didn't think much to going in and out of the car so frequently but he's definitely getting better, slowly but surely.

Not a great photo but here he is fast asleep in my arms, always has to be as near to me as possible in case I decide to leave him! He'd snuggled right in and looks like a little person here! My little limpet.

Em x

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  1. Aw little poppet. Rocky hound is also a bit of a limpet. He has had the luxury of sleeping on my bed all week as Mike is away. He crawled under the duvet this morning then around my feet & popped his head up on the pillow the other side. With his cheeky little dog eyes burning into me saying 'Getupgetupgetupgetupgetup' Early walk this morning!! It looks like a lovely place for a walk, I'm sure Rocky would enjoy it there xx