Tuesday, 23 August 2016

Highclere Castle/Downton Abbey

Our good friends Laura and Hugh came to stay with us at the weekend and it was great to catch up with them. Back in February we booked tickets to go and visit Highclere Castle as it is extremely popular and tickets sell out fast.

The weather was a little hit and miss to begin with but we really enjoyed wandering around the house, Laura and I nattering away constantly about Downton Abbey and various scenes from the TV series, while the boys trundled along behind us. By the time we got outside again to have a drink at the café and wander around the walled gardens the sun had reappeared and it was a beautiful day. The gardens were very pretty, smelled wonderful as everything was in flower and then we headed off for Sunday lunch at The Woodspeen, my favourite restaurant!

Here's a few photos from our visit to Highclere Castle

Em x


  1. Lucky you to get tickets!I would love to visit.We stayed nearby in June on our way to Poersmouth and the ferry but couldn't even get close enough for a long range view.

  2. It looks a lovely place to visit. I was very much a latecomer to Downton Abbey. It was this year I started watching and loved every minute of it. x

  3. Looks beautiful Emma, where is it? I'll have to google it.