Monday, 8 February 2016

Pottery Painting

I had been looking forward to yesterday for a number of weeks as it finally meant a girls day out. I don't have many of these, I'm a home bird and I like my own independence, but there's times where you do need the company of your friends and I've got some lovely friends so it was great to have a girly day! The girls were all very impressed with my idea of visiting a local pottery painting studio and it was something different to do (I'm not a fan of clothes shopping, I actually hate traipsing around clothes shops, though home décor shops are another matter!). We went to Leapfrog Ceramics in Thatcham, which isn't too far away from where I live or where my friends live either so it was a good meeting point for us all.

It was lovely and sunny yesterday (before Storm Imogen arrived - hope you're all safe and no-one has been too badly affected by the strong winds and torrential downpours) and we all took quite a while at first to decide what to paint as there was so much to choose from. Pieces ranged in price but were quite reasonable and the studio fee was £1.95 each. They also did a 3 for 2 on all pottery so I decided on a dog bowl for Barry, a flower pot for the kitchen windowsill (for some sort of herb growing) and a pencil pot for my craft desk.

My finished pieces, ready to be fired and glazed! I get to pick them up later this week.
It was lovely nattering away while painting; I have come to the conclusion that my 'art' looks quite child-like and I need to do more practicing before going back again! I am however happy with my pieces and I'm looking forward to seeing what they look like once they've been glazed. The girls also enjoyed themselves and the photo below shows our pieces once painted, awaiting glazing.
I'll do a blog post in the next few days to hopefully show you the finished pieces once they have bee glazed, the colours should then look much bolder which is good! In all, a really good fun day out and we spent quite a few hours in there. I'd definitely like to go back again and would happily while away and hour or two in here on my own. They do a ladies night where a free buffet is provided, no studio fee and you can bring your own wine, so we may try and attend that if we can as it sounds like good fun!
Em x


  1. It sounds like a fun day out I'm glad you enjoyed it. None of my friends are particularly crafty but I'm sure something like this would be fun for all. x

    1. It's definitely something you should suggest with your friends Jo, even if they aren't particularly crafty as it was very enjoyable and good fun! x