Monday, 8 February 2016

I've Completed My First Ever Crochet Blanket!

I did it!! Finally, I got around to completing my crochet blanket last night and I'm so pleased with it!

It's huge, soft and I can't wait to snuggle into it! I made it wide enough (just!) to lay across our bed, which is also the reasoning behind the colour scheme, so it matches the theme in our master bedroom. I therefore used purple (my favourite colour), grey and white, I then also did a quick bit of edging in a different purple shade, mainly just to make the blanket look complete.

I'm so proud of myself for getting it finished; I can have a terrible habit of admitting defeat sometimes and moving onto the next craft project before finishing the last, but this one I really was determined to get finished and it's been great practice for me as a fairly new kid to the 'crochet obsessed' party.
Now I need to decide what the next crochet project is going to be as this has spurred me on into making lots more crochet pieces for the home, please let me know your ideas! Anyone know any straightforward tutorials for crochet flowers? I'd like to master these next as I'm hoping to make some sort of tie back for our new bedroom curtains and I thought they'd look really nice with little crochet flowers on them.
On another note, I just wanted to show you a photo of the lovely illustrated prints I got from a delightful company called JillyJilly. I think they're really cute and I couldn't decide on which I liked more so in the end chose to get both; one for the craft room and one for the kitchen. They have a shop on their website (here) with lovely items, great Mothers Day ideas and all in beautiful pastel colours. I am a big lover of small businesses and designers because I always like to find something a little more unique and it's nice to know your purchase is going to make a difference to them coming up with more lovely designs in the future :)
So cute! Can't wait to get them framed and hung on the wall!
I'm in my final full week here at my old company and it's been rather hectic, hence a bit of neglecting on the blogging front (sorry!). I'm looking forward to finishing at this company at the end of next week, though I will miss the people I work closest with. I am however very much looking forward to starting my new job but I'm feeling very anxious about it if I'm honest... it's a step up and I just hope I'm capable. I'm probably being a sillyworryingbilly but I can't help it! But anyway, I hope within the next three weeks to have finished at this job, got my first week done at my new job and hopefully have some more time on my hands for blogging... watch this space! Lots of aims on my new 'happiness plan' for March!
Have a good week everyone!
Em x


  1. Oh well done Emma, my first blanket was a granny square. It's always good when you complete a project & it will keep you nice & cosy too. I've got a book on crochet flowers but I'm sure you tube will have a tutorial of some sort. x

    1. Thanks Jo, so pleased and relieved to have it finished! I do hope the next one doesn't take me quite so long... I think I'll be attempting a granny square one next, it's the thought of joining them all up that scares me! Yes great idea with YouTube, it's great for crochet ideas and tutorials :-) x