Friday, 26 February 2016

First Week At My New Job Done

Phew, it's been a bit hectic of late so apologies for the lack of blog posts recently. It was manic at my old job last week to get finished but I had a lovely last day; they bought me some lovely flowers and gifts as well as taking me for a nice lunch out at The Woodspeen.

Lovely flowers from my old work team and a lovely lunch out too.

I then had a nice long weekend before starting my new job on Tuesday. Over the weekend Jack and I had a trip to the Harry Potter Studios which was fantastic! It was really fascinating and there was plenty to see. We then popped in for dinner with my brother and his girlfriend. We bought Simon and Jenna some of the Bertie Botts' every flavour beans (you'll know what these are if you've read the books or watched the films) and it was good fun having to pick one at random to try; in the first round Jack, Jenna and I all managed to pick out nice flavours while Simon had managed to pick out the 'vomit' flavoured one! Good fun anyway and lovely to catch up with them both. 

Which finally brings me onto starting my new job... It seems like a great company to work for and the staff are all so friendly and supportive. The company is very well organised too which is always a good thing when it comes to communicating with each other. The finance department I work in is bigger than any I've worked in before but still a nice small number and lovely people. I've got a lot to learn as it's quite a step up, but I think I'm capable and hopefully they think they've made the right decision too. My brain is certainly fried this week and I'm shattered, but after some sleep this weekend I think I'll get accustomed to this new job and routine. It's certainly nice finishing early a few days a week and means I can make time for me, for crafting and for my studying too. So though it's still early days I believe I've made the right decision; I've found a great company where staff are really valued, I've reduced my hours slightly for less stress and more happiness and I've also managed to make the next step career-wise too so more than what I had hoped for. Here's hoping I get on well here and I'm clever enough for the work I'll be doing! It certainly feels like a big weight has been lifted from me having left my old place. Though I miss the team I worked with there the job/company were just asking far too much and as previously mentioned in other posts, I needed to make the decision to think about me a bit more and being happy - you spend most of your life at work after all so being happy there is important! New Emma is going to be much happier I think!

Have you all got nice plans for the weekend? It's going to be bitterly cold down here, but mostly dry which is good. Barry and I had a lovely walkies this afternoon and are now snoozing while we wait for Jack to get home from work. Jack and I are off to Twickenham tomorrow afternoon to watch the England Vs Ireland Six Nations Rugby Game, which should be good fun. It's not often I get to go with Jack when he gets tickets for rugby games so I feel quite priviledged he's taking me! He's even bought us matching England Rugby wooly beanie hats so we'll look funny but have warm ears at least! 

 We've had some beautiful frosty sunrises here this week

Anyway, I'll stop babbling for now and go back to recovering from a busy but exciting week. Hope you all have a lovely weekend!

Em x

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  1. What a great last day at your old job, nice to see how well they treated you! I loved the Harry Potter jelly beans story, that is so funny. The vomit one is truly horrible, how unfortunate for Simon. And I am glad to hear your new job is treating you well, sounds like it is a friendly bunch!