Tuesday, 1 March 2016

Blog Problems... Hopefully Fixed!

Hello All, hope you're ok.

Thank you to the lovely Jo for getting in touch to say my blog wasn't loading - I'd have been none the wiser if not as it was still managing to load from mobile devices, but not from Desktop. It seems there was problems with my blog template and I'm not really an IT geek so unable to work out how to get it to work again. To make things easier I've reverted back to a different template and I think (and hope) that's done the trick, please let me know if you manage to read this post :-)

Em x


  1. I'm not supposed to be blogging as I have sooooo much going on right now. Be back properly next week but I thought I'd let you know your blog is working again :). The jelly beans in your previous post I used to buy for my eldest son when he was a child (he's 22 in June!!) they also used to sell chocolate frogs and some lemon sherbets that turned your tongue blue! Glad you enjoyed the tour I want to visit there as I want a wand & I'm thrilled your settling into your new job xx

    1. Hi Jo, thanks for letting me know the blog is working ok, phew! Hope you're not too run off your feet, I know the feeling! The jelly beans were such good fun! I really wanted a wand when I visited but Jack wouldn't let me :( It was such a good trip out though, it's really worth a visit! Look forward to seeing you back blogging next week! xx