Wednesday, 16 March 2016

Bad Blogger!

I've been terrible just recently at blogging, mainly because so much has been going on and my little brain hurts!

How are you all? Well I hope! There seems to be a lot of colds, bugs, viruses going around at the moment and I've just had tonsillitis, bleugh!

So my lack of blog posts has mainly been due to my new job, which is going well for the most part; the company is great and all the people are so lovely so in that sense I've settled quite well. However, there's been lots to learn which has meant I've been coming home shattered every day. It's very different to what I've done before and involves a lot more analysis. I like the challenge of that but there's also meetings after meetings which isn't really my thing so that's taking some adjusting to, but hopefully once I've learned everything I'll feel more confident and happier. Getting used to a new routine is also a big challenge and though my hours have reduced I'm up an hour earlier every morning which I didn't think would affect me because I'm a morning person but I've really been struggling, mainly because I wake up so cold and my bed is so snug! Hopefully once the clocks go forward in a couple of weeks' time I'll find it a bit easier. I'm certainly enjoying not having to crawl my way through Newbury and it's ever changing roadworks and traffic lights; instead I go the back way along pretty country lanes which are currently blooming with daffodils, so it's a pleasant fifteen minute drive to work.

In between the new job, fighting germs etc. we have had a few trips out and about, one of which was a trip to a local farm on a lambing weekend they were holding. I love farm animals and baby farm animals are even cuter so I couldn't resist dragging Jack and our friends for a quick visit to see the little lambs. Sadly we didn't get to see any born, though I was lucky enough to see that years ago and would love to see it again one day. They breed Oxford sheep as well as Suffolk sheep, both of which were lovely. They also had the cutest Oxford Sandy and Black piglets! I wanted to sneak one home with me!!


We've enjoyed some lovely walks recently in the foggy/frosty mornings. We've only stayed local to us but tried a few different routes as I've been looking for more circular routes that I can alternate between. It was lovely watching the racehorses being exercised on the gallops in our village the other morning; Hugh Morrison has his training yard in our village and always stops to say hello to us as we make our way to the Ridgeway with Barry.

Slowly the fog has been clearing during the mornings...
Once the sun burns the fog away, it has been a beautiful day
Our Barry isn't great at the moment though sadly. I'm a little bit at my wits end as to know what to do for him. He's been suffering with itchy ears and eyes for a couple of months, and had sickness on and off. Then for the past week or so he's been sick constantly so the poor boy isn't really absorbing anything. It got to the point where I took him to the vets on Monday after he'd be continually sick, then very lethargic and dehydrated because of it. He had blood tests and a test for Pancreatitis but all came back clear which is good. The vet has prescribed tablets to help settle his tummy and we're feeding him boiled chicken and rice until his tummy settles down, but even this is making him sick so I don't know what to do! The Vet said Barry could have an intolerance/allergies so we can get some tests done for that, but nothing in his routine has changed at all and we've literally been through everything to be sure. He's already fed on a good brand of food and in himself he's mostly his usual bright self. The last few days he's been a bit quieter than normal, probably because he's not getting much energy from his food when it doesn't stay in his system for long. It's a nightmare anyway and I feel so sorry for him. We now call him 'Sicky Boy'! I hope he's on the mend soon anyway, I'll keep you updated anyway, though it seems it's going to be pretty hard to find out what it is. I myself suffer from IBS so know just how difficult it can be to pinpoint what causes flare ups - Jack thinks Barry just comes out in sympathy for me haha!
Well I think I've babbled enough to you now, I'm quite bad for that! I'm very tired at the moment and my brain won't quite work right. I'll be glad to be settled into this new routine soon, hopefully have a happy healthy puppy and HOPE we get Jack's car back soon.... it's still being fixed since my accident in it back in January! The garage are a nightmare and I've been very upset and angry to learn that the farmer I crashed into has made an injury claim. I'm not going to start going into detail or it'll make me angry again, but I try to pride myself on being an honest, kind person, so I just find it so upsetting that people can be so very dishonest. "Take it with a pinch of salt" is what people tell me, but my brain doesn't work like that and this crash seems to be punishing me...
So my head aches, but I keep persevering with everything and try to be positive :-) My blog, my crochet and my garden are just three examples of my little ways to escape from my own head and every day life! I can't wait for Spring now, who else finds pottering in the garden very therapeutic?
On a final note, I cooked a tasty Irish stew for dinner tonight in early celebration of St Patrick's Day tomorrow. Happy St Patrick's Day!
Have a lovely rest of your week everyone and I promise to stop being a moaner in my next blog post - sometimes you just need to vent and it's hard to know who to talk to!
Love to you all
Em x


  1. I'm sorry to hear your having a a crappy time & poor Barry. I hope you get to find out what his wrong with him & his tum settles down soon. Hope you feel better soon too xx

  2. Thanks Jo, I'm feeling a lot better and Barry is on the mend too after spending three days at the vets!! Hope you had a lovely weekend x