Tuesday, 8 December 2015

8th December: Decorating The Christmas Tree

Last night after a long day at work I got home and decorated the Christmas tree. I've filled a basket up with pine cones by our fireplace to add some festive cheer and sorted through a few Christmas presents ready to wrap this week. I took Barry for a walk when I first got home and we admired the village Christmas display down by the pond, they've even got Santa in a dinghy on the pond which must be amusing for the children in the village!

Village pond Christmas display
We bought some lovely tree decorations from John Lewis with a gift card we'd been given from family, so it was nice to finally hang the decorations on the tree, along with some tree chocolates (which won't last five minutes if Jack has anything to do with it) and some little handmade decorations I made in previous years. Barry doesn't seem interested in the tree thankfully and there's no chocolate decorations hanging anywhere that he could reach! He's taken to licking a bauble he can reach but realises it's not a toy for him (once I told him!).
I hung some candy canes on the tree too; we have gone with a red & gold theme this year as that seemed to be the main colours of the decorations we picked out! The little ceramic Santa has feet that wobble!
Just the rest of the house to decorate now when I get some time; I bought some garland to wrap around the stair bannisters, I've hung the mistletoe up and have various other little decorations to hang around the house to make it extra festive. I've been busy making some paper chains too.
I'm off to a wreath making evening tonight which I'm really looking forward to. Hopefully I'll have some photos to show you tomorrow :-)
Em x


  1. I loved the thought of Barry licking a bauble - Rocky has ignored both trees last year too! Apart from lying under the big one last year that is. Is it a real tree it looks like, I'd like a real tree again but the sitting room is too small & the really large artificial one we have up in the dining room was so expensive years back means I haven't got a valid argument. Love your decorations it gets very addictive very the years when collecting them. Hope you had fun at your wreath making class, I'm looking forward to seeing the outcome x

    1. He likes to taste everything, usually if it's fallen on the floor then he calls first dibs regardless of whether it's edible or not! So far baubles have survived - he has a new squeaky Santa toy that he's totally obsessed with! Rocky sounds like a good pooch too in terms of leaving the tree alone, it must be so tempting for pets! Wreath making photos are going up shortly, I had such a good time! x