Monday, 14 December 2015

13th December: Snoozing Sundays

Barry is in love with our new living room rug, it's super cosy!

With Christmas not too far away it was nice to have a quiet day on Sunday to catch up on some housework and paperwork sorting. Jack had to work so it was just Barry and I for most of the day. We went for a nice walk around lunchtime in the thick fog; it was quite muddy and slippery and I fell over! Managed to sort of do the splits down a steep hill and Barry jumped on me as if to say "what are you doing down there?!" Needless to say I felt stupid (luckily no-one saw!) and had to strip muddy clothes off when I got inside and sponge Barry's muddy paw prints off of my coat! It was funny though, can't remember the last time I fell over!

I popped to Millets Farm Shop first thing on Sunday to get some veg for our dinner; came home with some lovely big parsnips (along with other veg), Duck eggs and walnuts. I had a wander around the garden centre there; their Christmas displays are impressive and I did make one purchase, a cute little Jack Russell tree decoration!

The house is feeling very festive now and Christmas is fast approaching. I've been busy prepping a few things nice and early to save me some time, my pigs in blankets are made and I've popped them into the freezer ready to get out for Christmas dinner. I'm not a huge fan of pigs in blankets, not sure why when bacon and sausages are two of my favourite things, I think its because I love turkey so much that I'm more interested in that! We've ordered our Turkey crown from a local butchers; the turkeys come from a farm just down the road from us, Walter's Turkeys. It's nice to buy local and I try to as often as I can.

I wonder what this week will bring.... hope you all have a good one!

Em x

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