Tuesday, 1 December 2015

1st December: Lots To Do

The crazy month has arrived where there's lots to do, cook, make, wrap and most importantly EAT! You can keep all the sweet things, pass me the pickled onions and sausage rolls any day!

I've been busy making lists, I love list making and not a day goes by that I don't make yet another list. This time it's planning what I need to get done every day in the run up to Christmas, what Christmas presents I have left to buy, who I need to make Christmas card and tags for etc. etc.

I sent a little goody box to my brother and his girlfriend yesterday with an array of Christmas-themed items including tree decorations, chocolates, a winter-scented candle and cosy socks! It's their first Christmas living together which I think is very special, it certainly was for Jack and I a few years ago (just as they continue to be!) :-)

I need to put my creative 'knickers' on and get making because...
My wreath rings have arrived ready for me to have a go at some wreath making...
I need to make some more crochet Christmas trees to finish making my little garland...

My bargain card craft pack arrived - it's 'Folk Christmas' themed and I just loved all the colours. I've got no excuse but to get making more Christmas cards and tags!
Finally, I made a start on wrapping a few presents that will need to be posted to our friends in the coming weeks. My favourite part of Christmas is wrapping presents and I love using lots of tissue paper, wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and anything else to make them look pretty! Jack gets very frustrated when opening presents from me as he says they're an extra challenge - he especially likes it when I put Christmas confetti in his card hehehe! I think I'll have to give the confetti a miss this year; I can just imagine it exploding onto the floor from Jack's Christmas card and Barry gobbling them all up; Barry says "if it falls on the floor, it's mine". He shared a clementine with me last night!
We also had a very excited puppy (actually, I think I was more excited than Barry) this morning when we opened his advent calendar for him.
How are your Christmas plans going?
I'm very excited as our new sofa and armchair are being delivered tomorrow! This is our first ever sofa purchase, which we had to reluctantly made as the sofa we were kindly gifted by Jack's parents is falling apart. It's a very old sofa that's been in their family since Jack was small and it's very worn out now! I think it will stay with us for a while longer until we get around to taking it to the tip. I may do some more patchwork to it to see if I can jazz it up but the legs are falling off, springs have gone so it really is beyond much repair. Hopefully I'll have photos for you tomorrow of our new living room seating. The issue then is whether we let Barry join us on said new sofa for cuddles... it's going to be a tough decision..!
Em x

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