Wednesday, 9 December 2015

9th December: Christmas Wreath Making

Last night I had a great time attending a Christmas wreath making evening at Shaw House, Berkshire. The event was organised by the local St Marks School in Cold Ash to help raise money for the school and everyone seemed to have a fantastic time, I know I did. The location made it extra special in the beautiful historic Shaw House and the atmosphere was great. We all chatted away (it was lovely to meet people) and the Christmas music in the background made it feel really festive, I'm certainly in the Christmas spirit now!

Beautiful Shaw House (Google Image)
Holly and Kylie hosted the evening and were friendly and helpful as they wandered around, while Lynn showed us how to make a wreath and gave us some very useful tips. I really wanted to have a go at making a wreath but honestly wasn't sure how to start! There was plenty of different foliage to choose from as well as other colourful accessories. I decided I didn't want too much colour on my wreath and instead wanted lots of texture, especially using the holly leaves which are one of my favourites despite the fact my hands are now shredded (I'll remember gloves next time).
Choosing our foliage and other accessories
Lynn demonstrated how to start the wreath, using evergreen foliage around the very edge of the oasis to hide it. The oasis had been soaked for hours and the first thing I did was pour the excess water straight into my lap haha! I found going around the edge with the initial foliage layer quite easy, but after that I felt a bit like "where do I go next?!".
Some of my chosen foliage
Here goes...
Made a start...
Filling in the top...
Having a minced pie and mulled wine break!
Pretty foliage
Getting there...
I decided I just wanted some white and red on my wreath to add a bit of colour; Lynn told us working in odd numbers is best when it comes to wreaths or any flower arranging for that matter. I loved the dainty little white flowers contrasting with the festive red berries. Lots of people used lovely Ivy to trail down from the bottom of their wreaths, another lady I saw had used lovely little fairy lights in her wreath; it was so lovely looking at everyone's handiwork.
Finally I finished my wreath off with a few dried orange slices; they smell amazing and added just a little more colour to my wreath. At that point I think stopped because it's oh so tempting to keep sticking bits of foliage into the wreath!
Ready to put on my wreath...
I'm really pleased with the end result; lots of texture, different shades of green with a bit of Christmas colour! For my first attempt at wreath making I'm rather impressed with my efforts and now look forward to making more in the future! I think some little coloured wooden Christmas toys would also look great on a wreath (little nutcracker soldiers, little trains and presents), as would bows and ribbons - so many ideas now!
Here's the finished wreath, Jack held it up for me last night so I could take a proper photo. I just need a wreath hook for the door now so it can have pride of place on our front door!
I had such a great evening, I love doing crafty things and it was nice to try something new. I can't wait to make one again next year and would definitely go to the evening again next year if they arrange it :-)
Em x


  1. A stunning wreath and fabulous quality pictures, looking forward to seeing it in pride of place on the front door

    1. Thank you Josie! I keep looking at it thinking it looks a bit 'busy' but I'm still really pleased with it. I'll post a photo as soon as it's hung on the front door, I'm yet to actually hang it up! x