Saturday, 19 December 2015

19th December: Christmas Food Shopping & Muddy Walks

Our mud monster!

Today started by getting to town for 8am to do our food shopping first followed by a wander around the shops to find Jack a pair of trousers for his work Christmas party tonight. We've now got all of our food for Christmas, yes masses, much more than needed but hey that's what Christmas is all about; over-indulgence and enjoying cold meats and leftovers! We found Jack some trousers in Debenhams and I treated myself to a gravy boat in John Lewis ready for some tasty homemade gravy! We got some lovely clementines in Waitrose too, they're always super sweet so I always make a special trip there to buy them. Aldi do some nice ones too actually.

My new stock pot ready to cook my Christmas gammon joint and some tasty clementines too!

Jack spent the rest of the daylight hours working on his shed and I dropped him off to his work Christmas do a short while ago. Now Barry and I are snuggled up watching the Strictly come Dancing final.

Brilliant Bing Crosby in Holiday Inn, love old movies!

Barry and I had a lovely walk earlier up the gallops and towards The Ridgeway. It was very muddy up there and Barry loved running through the puddles! We met a big tractor and a horse too but Barry was too bothered running in mud to notice them much. I cannot believe just how mild it is out there - it's the 19th December and 18 degrees! Crazy!

"You've got to wash this all off when we get home Mum!"

Shake shake, wiggle wiggle, mud mud!
Post-walk: Bathed and then wrapped himself up in his blanket for a snooze!

Hope you're all having a lovely weekend and not panicking in the run up to Christmas, not long now! :-)

Em x

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