Monday, 27 June 2016

Lovely Weekend With Family

We headed over to my Brother's on Saturday afternoon to spend the night at theirs along with my Parents as they're back from France for a long weekend. It was lovely to see Mum and Dad, Simon and Jenna and Barry of course came with us too.

Just a quick family photo we got on Dad's ipad while we were all in Si and Jenna's garden

Jenna and Si have settled into their new house and they're making it look lovely and homely. The garden is looking great too and it's lovely to see them so excited at making a place their own just like we've been doing with our house. Barry seemed to enjoy exploring a new house and it's nice to get him feeling settled there as he'll be staying with my brother and Jenna when we go to America in August.

We treated Mum and Dad to a dinner out at the local pub as it was their wedding anniversary on Saturday; the portions at this pub are gigantic and the food is very tasty - just far too much and I never thought I'd say that! I had a steak, Guinness and mushroom pie, while Jack had steak.

It's certainly been a weekend of eating; Si made us all bacon sarnies on Sunday morning before Jack and I headed home with Barry. Mum and Dad followed on to ours later yesterday afternoon and are now staying with us until Tuesday when they return to France. I cooked a huge toad in the hole yesterday; tasty traditional Newbury sausages from the local butchers and I like mixing sliced red onion and fresh sage leaves into the Yorkshire Pudding mix as it goes in the oven to give it extra flavour. We had it with Rosemary roast potatoes, green beans and a pork and cider gravy I made a couple of weeks ago and had in the freezer. I love real gravy!

Spending time with family is my favourite, just as much as eating a bacon sandwich is also my favourite!!

Em x

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  1. It's lovely spending time together as a family, you all seem very close x