Monday, 13 June 2016

Football Mad Household - I'd Better Get Used To It!

It's football mad here in our household now that the Euros have started. I'm not a huge football fan to be honest, I much prefer rugby (a sport where real men don't dive on the floor with invisible injuries, not to mention the fact that rugby players have much better manners and respect the referee), however I do like watching international competitions and cheer England on (even if at times we can't bear to watch! - 1-0 up on Saturday and then we let Russia get an equaliser, oh England you were playing so well!).

I bought Barry a little limited edition Euros football on Friday. He is obsessed with any ball, tennis balls are his favourite, but this football was extremely exciting. It took all of 2-3 hours for him to puncture the ball but he's still happily playing with it (thankfully he hasn't tried to shred it apart).

Jack is off to France at the weekend with his best friend to go and watch England play Slovakia next week in the Euros. They're both really looking forward to visiting my parents for a couple of days and they're excited for the football, though the issue of fan violence has overshadowed it somewhat. It's hard to know what to believe with what you hear through the news but I think it's a mixture of various parties causing problems, rather than any country's fans or French police in particular. That's not me trying to say England fans are angels; lots go out there with the sole intent of drinking too much, causing trouble and that ends in violence, which makes me very angry for people like Jack and his friend who are driving out to watch a sport they enjoy and cheer on their country. Anyway, I won't get started on a rant, promise! I'm a bit worried about them going out there but hopefully they'll be safe. 

While Jack is out in France I've got a quiet weekend of crafting, crocheting and house decorating planned. I'm looking forward to a weekend on my own - I can leave yarn all over the sofa and craft supplies all over the dining table, he he! Plus I have Barry to keep me company and I'm hoping the weather will be kind for us to go for some nice long walks locally.

We had a very busy weekend in the front garden, transforming it from an overgrown untidy garden to a presentable, easy to maintain garden. Another blog post on that to follow shortly.

Have a good week all!

Em x


  1. Aw look at that little poser, so cute. Fully agree with your comments on sports and hooligans. Many many many moons ago I was sat in an American football stadium and enquired loudly why they were padded up on the pitch to play rugby! Ah well another time another place in history. I'm very much a rugby and cricket girl myself inherited I think from my grandfather along with the gardening gene, I have a cricket medal my granddad won in 1926 I must do a post sometime. I'm sure you are worried about Jack and his friend but I expect nicely behaved football fans will stay safe. England v Wales on Thursday I fully expect to be crafting that evening as I live in a house with four welsh males (including the hound) xx

    1. He is a little poser Jo, everyone asks me how I get him to pose but I think he just enjoys it! I admire you for following cricket, Jack loves it but that's the one sport I find quite boring. Lovely that you have your Grandad's medal though :) xx

  2. Sounds like a great weekend, I love crocheting too. I can't stand football, but I completely agree on the rugby, those guys know how to behave and so do the fans. Barry looks too cute in that photo x

    1. Pleased to hear you love crochet too Kirsty, I'm so addicted to it! I just wish I was faster at it! x