Saturday, 18 June 2016

Happy Fathers Day

Just to say a Happy Fathers Day to all the Dad's out there; still with us or gone but never forgotten.

Here's a few photos of my Dad out in France. He's been very busy replacing the typically French almost-vertical stairs in the house! Now there's a much safer angle on the new ones so you don't quite feel like you're rock climbing!

New stairs going in

Dad's also been building a garage in the garden. There was an old tin shed that he's taken down and he's built a nice roomy garage/workshop with the help of his builder friend out there, Steve. The tiling is almost finished and then it just needs doors and to be rendered so it matches the house. I bet Dad can't wait to potter in there building things and I think he'll be taking his Lotus Elan out there to give her a home in the garage when it's not being driven.

So Happy Fathers Day for tomorrow to my DIY Dad!

Em x

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  1. He sounds a splendid chap Emma, I hope he is having a lovely day x