Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Wildflower Walkies

Before being struck down with the nasty tonsillitis I enjoyed some lovely walks out with Barry. We've explored a few new circular routes local to us; Barry and I like finding new footpaths etc. to explore and we came across lots of beautiful wildflowers on some of these. I have however got a big bed full of wildflowers in my front garden and I've been picking them occasionally and displaying them in the house, they look so pretty!

Cheeky Barry made himself at home in my crochet blanket!
Em x


  1. All the best dogs have a crochet blanket don't you know! When we inherited Rocky he came with a crochet blanket. You live in a lovely area for walks, I'm sure Barry knows how lucky he is. xx

    1. Lucky Rocky Hound too, they do love their crochet blankets don't they! xx