Monday, 27 June 2016

Blackbird's Nest Update 27/06/2016

I'm very excited to announce we have babies! Ugly but cute little Blackbird chicks! The photo isn't brilliant but Mum was sat at the back of the nest and I didn't want to disturb her and her babies for long. She doesn't seem to mind and is very bold but I still don't want to interfere with nature, I'm just so pleased to have wildlife making its home in our garden!

I didn't want to disturb the nest too much as Mr and Mrs Blackbird have been constantly flying back and forth alternating in bringing tasty worms for the chicks. When I peeked in when both Mum and Dad weren't on the nest it's hard to tell whether all four have successfully hatched or not, I can definitely see three and think there might be a fourth but perhaps as they get a bit bigger I'll be able to tell.

The parents are quite bold when we're in the garden and only feet away from the nest they perch on our conservatory roof with a mouthful of worms and debate on whether it's safe to fly into the nest, then moments later they do so I think they're quite trusting of us. I think they're even appreciating the tortoise's water bath in their run which is below the nest and I've seen Mrs Blackbird having a drink and a bath in there first thing in the morning before she returns to the nest.

Hopefully I can keep updating you as the chicks grow; they grow very quickly and fledge quite early; I believe they hatched on Friday and it's remarkable how much they've grown and changed already!

More updates soon!

Em x


  1. That's fab Emma to have a nest in the garden. We have some fledglings who must have come from a nest close by x