Friday, 29 January 2016

I Love Spreadsheets!

Does anyone else share my love for spreadsheets? I don't know what I'd do without them, they're so handy. Jack laughs at me as I have so many different ones, I spend ages on playing with the layout, adding in formulas, pivot tables etc. and I have a spreadsheet for just about everything! Shame I can't make the actual figures stretch any further than they already do, but such is life! :-)

This time of year I always make an extra effort to keep them all up to date and count the pennies. I always shop around too, especially when it comes to household bills. I always tell my mum that she should make more of an effort to do the same! I've saved £70 on our home insurance this year with even more cover than we had last year, I've saved on our electricity too by changing tariffs. Next on the list is Sky TV who I detest with a passion; their customer service is the worst out there! I'd quite happily walk away from them all together but I think Jack would be a very upset man without his sports to watch and that's his way of relaxing after working a very hard week so I won't begrudge him that, though it is the most expensive part of the Sky bill...!

We've got a quiet weekend at home planned this weekend; my jobs are to have a sort out for an EBay selling session, I've got coving to paint in our bedroom (which I keep putting off as it's a horrible job) and then in between that I hope to find some time to bake something, crochet something and read more of my book! I've started reading War and Peace (gulp!) because I'm enjoying the BBC TV adaptation so much. Tolstoy books aren't exactly an easy read but I love reading and I'm enjoying it already - Jack's Dad told me I should add it to my CV as an achievement if I finish reading it!!

Hope you all have a lovely weekend, I hope Storm Gertrude doesn't cause you too many headaches or damage (take care!) and I hope you all get time to relax :-)

Em x


  1. Not spread sheets no but I have a pink leather filofax for work which also contains my yarn list, a 2016 family planner in book form which contains all budgets, meal pans etc & a dedicated Christmas planner which is fab. Needless to say I carry round all three! We cancelled our Sky package last month & will be saving £800 a year. We have a NOW TV box thing which has some sky channels on currently £6.99 a month although they do have a Sky sports package too. I'm very impressed that you're enjoying War & Peace my copy remains in the 'impress guests bookcase' - yes I am sad enough to have one dedicated to that. Alas it's been there for approx 22 years three pages in along with Anna Karenina ! xx

    1. Oh lovely! Glad you're a Filofax girl too! :-) I'll have to have a look at the Now Tv thing... I'm always up for saving money and I hate how Sky take advantage of their customers! I absolutely love that you have a 'impress the guests bookcase', that's genius! I'd recommend giving it a read though, I'm only about 100 pages in but it's really good. xx