Wednesday, 20 January 2016

Happy 1st Birthday Barry!

Today is a special day; it's Barry's 1st Birthday! Where did that time go?!

Barry features a lot on my blog, mostly because his funny character means that he's usually been up to mischief and I just have to share it with you all. Not only that but he is a major part of our lives and one we could definitely not be without now!

Barry has been such a great companion for us both, not to mention a good excuse to get outdoors even more than we already did in order to explore the countryside and get more exercise. He's a lovely little friendly dog who always wants to say hello to all the humans he meets. He loves dogs too but he's a little more nervous when it comes to meeting some fellow four-legged friends; he tends to run the other way as soon as they approach him, to which they give chase and then eventually he realises they just want to say hello and don't want to eat him for breakfast (even the big Irish Wolfhounds we've met on a walk were very gentle with him).

Here's a little Barry Fact File:

Nicknames: Bazza, Baz, WimpDog
Breed: Jack Russell Terrier
Favourite Treat: Carrot or any dog treat you offer him!
Favourite Toy: All of them! He is partial to a tennis ball though
Loves: Playing tug of war
Loves: Cuddles in our bed on a Saturday morning
Loves: Baths or any form of water!
Loves: Walkies
Hates: Car journeys
Hates: Large cardboard boxes that move!
Hates: Having to let me out of his sight! = VelcroDog
Best Tricks: Play dead (with stump still wagging), high five, roll over

It was love at first sight as soon as I saw Barry back in February last year at the age of about 4 weeks old and it was torture not to put him in my pocket and take him home the first day I met him! I did however resist and we went and visited a couple of times before bringing our little chubby puppy home in March. He eventually grew into his puppy rolls and it's amazing to see just how much the shape of his face has changed - he looks more Jack Russell now as opposed to a miniature version of a St Bernard! He's a lovely dog now, a stocky Jack Russell but sleek nonetheless from all the walks he has. He's constantly on the go and would watch me 24/7 if he could! He's my little shadow, always has been and though he loves Jack to bits and loves a good wrestle or tug of war with him, he's definitely a Mummy's boy.

Anyone who says raising a puppy is easy is lying!! They're hard work! I can imagine it's the same as raising a child, though I've not done that myself yet... one day hopefully! Barry is very intelligent though and loved to learn new tricks and our effort paid off as we now have a very happy obedient dog and it's nice when family and friends comment on what a lovely dog he is.

When Jack has to work long hours Barry is great company for me, especially on these cold dark evenings - Barry is a brilliant hot water bottle. He takes his guard dog duties very seriously and can often be found growling softly at his reflection in the window...! All of our friends and family adore him and are always asking when we're going on holiday so that we can "bear them in mind" when thinking of who we'll leave Barry with. We're hoping to take him out to France with us this year for a holiday in the sunshine with my parents; he'll love their huge garden. Hopefully he won't take too much of a fancy to their neighbours' poultry, sheep and donkey though!

Tonight I'm planning on baking Barry a dog-friendly birthday cake - Jack thinks I'm completely nuts as I have also bought Barry a new toy for his birthday and a card, but you're only 1 once! Barry loved his breakfast treat of scrambled eggs this morning and I'm sure he'll love his cake too (I'll post the recipe).

So wishing my handsome pup a very happy birthday, we love him very very much!


  1. He is so cute! I love the picture of him with the remote control!

    1. Thank you! It was amazing how tiny he was there in comparison to the size of the remote! x

  2. Happy Birthday Barry! He is such an adorable dog & I giggled at the playing dead while waggling a stumpy tail! I hope you enjoy your cake too Barry xx

    1. Thanks Jo, Barry says thanks too! I'll have to try and get a video for you of him playing dead as his wagging stump definitely means he'll never make it as a stunt dog! Jack's work colleague actually has a movie stunt dog, how cool! The cake I'm afraid never did get made, naughty Emma was just too tired and opted to treat him to a sausage instead which he didn't complain at! Naughty treats on his birthday! :-) xx

  3. Oh my goodness, this post should have come with a cuteness overload warning! Josie xx

    1. Hehe thanks Josie, it was hard to choose some 'cute' photos as he actually looks so cute in all of them - I am biased though! xx