Monday, 16 November 2015


I think the presence of the storms was felt everywhere this weekend, it certainly made for some menacing skies over Newbury on Friday.

Moody sky over the West Berkshire Museum in Newbury
Luckily I didn't get too caught out in the rain this weekend and it was nice to have a fresher temperature on Saturday; I hear it's going to get much colder by the end of the week too so here's hoping we wake up to some beautiful frosty mornings as opposed to grey wet clouds.
I had a lovely day in London on Saturday at the BBC Good Food show; it's the first time I've been to this show and I thought it was great. We had a presentation with Tom Kerridge and he's one of my favourite chefs - anyone who loves proper British grub is good in my books! He cooked an amazing mussel dish and made it look so easy that I really must try it, I love mussels. There were lots of samples, especially fudge, I don't know how much fudge I ate! There were some really interesting stalls with different combinations of food you wouldn't necessarily put together. I enjoyed it anyway and it was lovely to have a catch up with my friend. We then headed to Covent Garden afterwards for something to eat before catching the train home.
I didn't get up to a lot yesterday; Jack had some friends to stay for the weekend and they had a late night out on Saturday so they were all feeling a little tired and fragile yesterday morning! I did drag them to the pub in the village for a tasty Sunday lunch and I made some more mincemeat in the afternoon.
Cheeky puppy found a cosy place to snooze yesterday on the guest duvet!
So a pretty boring blog post today! Now I'm going to have a good read of everyone's recent blog posts to see what they got up to at the weekend, while chomping on some jammie dodgers! :-)
I'm very much looking forward to Thursday this week as we're heading to Norfolk for a long weekend at my Parents' home. Barry is excited about running around on the beach, crazy to think that the last time we took him to the seaside he was only 15 weeks old and this time he'll be 10 months old, how time flies. I haven't seen my parents in a couple of months so I'm excited to see them and my brother and his girlfriend are also coming for the weekend too so it'll be nice to have some proper family time. I can't wait for some long walks on the beach to blow the cobwebs away.
Have a good week everyone x


  1. Sounds like a good balance to the weekend, and a good way to avoid the stormy weather! Enjoy your long weekend away, hope the weather is not too stormy for you.

    1. Thank you :) We had a lovely weekend away, very chilly though! How was yours? x