Thursday, 12 November 2015

Easy Christmas Crochet Projects

All who follow my blog will know that I was bitten by the crochet bug a few months ago and now love it! It's not the easiest to learn in my opinion but lots of practice is making all the difference.

I wanted to have a go at making some Christmas-related crochet pieces having finished making a scarf for my friend as a Christmas present. Pinterest is amazing for ideas (the link to follow me on Pinterest can be found on the right-hand side of my blog) and I stumbled upon how to crochet a simple little wreath that you could then hang on your tree or wherever you fancy.

The photo below shows my completed wreath with a little red bow sewn on. I'm already starting another one and this next one I'm going to decorate with little beads. You can find a link to the free crochet pattern on how to make these cute wreaths here; I think the pattern is easily adaptable if you wanted to make a bigger version and it is easy to decorate with whatever you fancy. As I say, I'm going to have a go at sewing on some little beads, but sequins would also look great I think.

I've also had a go at a crochet holly leaf which was easier than I thought, if a little fiddly! I'm going to make another, sew them together and I have some mini red pom poms to use as berries to complete the set. Again, I'll probably hang these on the tree. Link on how to make these is here.

Next job is to have a go at some of the pretty crochet snowflakes I've seen; I've got plenty of white wool so there's no excuse. I'd like to make a few snowflakes and make it into a garland to hang up somewhere. Watch this space!
If anyone else has found some simple Christmas crochet projects please send them my way as I'd love to keep practicing... nice and simple though please ;-)


  1. They are lovely, I have never mastered crochet :(

    1. Have another go at it, honestly it took me A LOT of attempts but I finally got there! I still have no end to learn but I no longer want to throw it across the room ;-)