Monday, 23 November 2015

Long Weekend in Norfolk

Morning all, it's a chilly one out there today but how pretty did everywhere look thanks to the frost :-) First time of de-icing the car this winter and Barry's first experience of a harsh frost that he can remember - I don't think we had many back in March when we brought him home with us. He liked the crispy grass and ran around a lot this morning to keep warm. There was a beautiful sunrise here this morning over the Berkshire downs and I loved donning winter clothing for a bracing morning walk.

We all woke up tired this morning anyway; it took us almost five hours to drive back from Norfolk yesterday, with a brief stop at Jack's parents in Cambridgeshire to say hello too. By the time we'd unpacked our bags, put some washing on and found something to eat I think we were all ready for bed. I could certainly hear Jack trying to coax Barry out of his snug warm bed this morning to go outside for a wee - the dog that is, not Jack!

We had such a lovely time in Norfolk with my family this weekend; I needed a break away from work and it had been a couple of months since I'd seen my parents or my brother (who joined us, with his girlfriend). The weather was rather wild this weekend and we experienced 50mph winds, rain, sleet and hail. We attempted a walk one lunchtime and could barely reach the Overstrand promenade, so instead ran back to the pub to warm up!

This photo made us all laugh!

We did however manage a few walks along the beach and Barry had a great time chasing seagulls and fetching his tennis ball. He also went jumping into pools of seawater left behind as the tide went out, many of which were very deep which he didn't realise!

There were some fantastic sunrises and sunsets while we were in Overstrand, made all the more spectacular by the storm clouds that were rolling towards us - the hail showers really did sting!
Overstrand Beach, Cromer Pier in the distance
It was of course very important that we got to enjoy some fish and chips while we were on the North Norfolk coast and it only seemed right that we visited our favourite chip shop, Mary Janes'. We opted to eat in though or my haddock & chips may have flown back into the sea!
Monster piece of Haddock!

We had a really lovely time catching up and as I mentioned, we had a lot of laughs - mostly at my expense... after one particular windy and wet dog walk along the beach, Jack and I headed to the village shop to buy a lottery ticket. Jack waited outside while I headed in to buy the lottery ticket - which I didn't manage to buy because the lady behind the counter asked to see some ID! I thought she was joking and I certainly didn't have any on me (we'd taken a few pound coins in our pockets), so I huffed out of the shop after telling the woman I'm 26 years old!! I sent Jack in (who's almost a year younger than me) and he had no problems. To say my family found it hilarious was an understatement and I did see the funny side later on, I was just amazed as it wasn't even for alcohol! I'm used to getting asked for some ID when buying alcohol, although the last few times I've not even been asked but it seems I look 10 years younger when it comes to buying a lottery ticket! Oh well, Mum says I'll be glad I look younger one day.

I haven't got a lot planned this week though I desperately need to do some sorting in our kitchen cupboards. Ever since we moved in I just put things in cupboards without giving it much thought but trying to get to my cake tins last week was an effort! I'm usually Miss Organised so I must do this at some point. I'd like to make another soup this week too; I'm fancying a pea and ham soup!

Have a good week all :-)


  1. Lovely sweet dog, he always looks so happy. You made me giggle about the lottery ticket, I used to get asked for id when I was in my twenties too, it catches up with you once you reach 40 so enjoy it while you can! Glad you had a lovely family time xx

    1. Thanks Jo, he is a happy dog - especially when racing around on a walk or snuggled up on my lap on the sofa! Haha I'll make the most of it then, I see the funny side now but at the time it was rather ridiculous - 10 years older than the legal minimum, own and drive a car and have a mortgage too but can't get a lottery ticket! Hope you're having a good week x

  2. I used to get asked for id all the time in my twenties too, you will laugh about it when you are in your 40s! Your weekend sounds perfect, the photos are lovely, have a good week!

    1. Haha thanks, I'll make the most of it now then and I do finally see the funny side of it now! Hope you're having a lovely week too! x

  3. We have done the walk from Cromer to Overstrand and back, in winter and it was freezing. Mary Jane's is the best chip shop by far!

    1. Hi Dc, that's the walk we did earlier in the year and it was great! Glad to hear you love Mary Jane's too, it's by far my favourite chip shop and the fish and batter is amazing fresh! I'm hungry again now...!