Thursday, 26 November 2015

Blog Name Change & Updates

I've decided to give my blog a bit of a different direction and change the name; it was formerly 2Torts but given my real passion is crafts and hobbies, I wanted to go with a more creative-related title. I'm really enjoying blogging and I love sitting down to read through everyone's recent blog posts.

I'm hoping to share lots more blog posts in the near future with my craft projects and of course my blog will always have plenty of photos as I'm a little photography-obsessed (especially when it comes to taking photos of the dog!).

Hopefully the blog name change won't cause too much confusion and you'll also hopefully enjoy reading through what I've been up to in terms of my creations (and ramblings!). I'm sure I'll still waffle on far more than what's needed but I will try and rein it in!

I hope you'll enjoy my future blog posts and as always, your comments are appreciated :)

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