Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Family Visits

We had a nice weekend back in Cambridgeshire going here there and everywhere (or that's what it felt like!), though I wasn't particularly well with a nasty throat infection. Jack's parents have a new log burner in their new house and I have to say I loved snuggling up in front of it with the dog on my lap. I wish we had a real fire! We spent some time with Jack's parents as well as visiting some friends for a meal out in Ely on Saturday night. Jack also played rugby on Saturday afternoon and I took Barry to watch; he kept licking the backs of the rugby players legs as they stood on the side-line (Barry that is, not Jack!) and he got a lot of attention. He was very happy when Jack limped over to see us at the end of the match (he played front row, somewhere he doesn't usually play and now has the shoulder bruises to prove it).

Not a lot has happened just recently hence the lack of blog posts. The clocks have gone back which now means Barry's morning walkies are just as the sun is rising, but his evening walkies are in the dark. I invested in a little LED light that fits on his collar so I can see him bouncing around ahead of me on a walk and I also arm myself with a good torch when walking around our village as there are only three streetlamps. It's lovely wrapping up warm in gloves and a hat though and my signature pink cheeks and nose are back with a vengeance for these colder months (apparently means you're healthy, or so my mum always says?). I hope we get a crisp fresh Autumn and Winter as opposed to a mild and miserable one, I love frosty mornings. I've also enjoyed cooking more pies, stews and soups now that Autumn is here. I love comforting and warming food and you can't beat a good stew and dumplings, with a dollop of mash and cabbage on the side.

A recent chicken pie I made
We visited my grandparents in Bedfordshire on our way home on Sunday and my Nan did a wonderful (and huge) roast dinner. Her Yorkshire Puddings are famed, as are her roasts as she always does far too much but always warns us not to eat breakfast that day so believes it is justified (I think it's more she's never heard of the term 'portion control')! We had lovely roast beef and she sent us home with half the contents of her freezer (frozen runner beans from her garden, a beef joint, gammon joint, whole chicken and a sirloin steak for Jack. Should keep us going for a while). I always try and refuse and tell her to use what she buys but she buys for the purpose of giving it away to family and if that's what makes her happy in her old age then so be it. We'll have some lovely dinners out of what she has given us and she always asks me to email a photo of our food when we cook it! At the age of 81 she's mastered the Ipad and is fantastic at sending emails and taking photos. It's lovely to be able to stay in touch and send photos to each other when I don't get to visit much anymore. They certainly enjoyed seeing Barry too and he got a lot of fuss. He also had all successful car journeys this weekend too which is a result, happy travelling puppy = relieved owners.
My wonderful Nan (I'm on the right, my brother's girlfriend Jenna on the left)
Nan's famous super-size Yorkshire Pudding!

Another busy week ahead in terms of work, which is causing me a lot of headaches at the moment. I'm not all that happy at the moment with changes happening due to the recent acquisition of our small company by a global giant PLC company. My boss is now leaving and it means a lot of worry about who (if anyone) will replace him, what my role will be like when the new person comes in etc. I'm in a total tizz as to what to do which means my brain spends most of the time at work or at home in a total spin. I've always been very happy at this company for the past 3 years so I'm not enjoying all the uncertainty of what's going to happen, what do I want to do (do I stay or do I go I sing quietly...). Life is never simple, I know that, but work is such a major part of your life surely being happy doing what you do and where you do it is the biggest priority?

I think I need a choccy bar at lunch!

Em x


  1. your chicken pie looks really yummy, I fancy pie and mash now, Nan's yorkshires are fab she will have to tell you her secret its great being able to stay in touch via the web, as for work dont make any choices just yet wait and see how you feel in a few months it might just all turn out for the good :-)

    1. Thanks Dawn, it was really tasty. Going to do a steak and kidney pie next; I love lambs kidney. Nan has always had a knack with her Yorkshires and it was one of the first things she taught me when I was younger. My Yorkshires always turn out well thanks to Nan's tips. Thanks for your advice on work too, trying to remain positive :-)

  2. Barry sounds like a wonderful character as does your nan whose Yorkshire pudding looks absolutely splendid. My mum is very similar to your nan in sending us home with a weeks worth of shopping, I don't plan my shop now as I see what my mum forces on us! Your work issues don't sound fun do they but still take your time to work through what will be best for you xx

    1. Thanks Jo, Nan is quite a character and a Londoner too which means some of her sayings do make me chuckle! I'm glad your Mum does the same too, I feel guilty when she loads me up but I think it just makes her day to see us, give away as much as she can and I did turn up with a bunch of flowers for her too which put a big smile on her face. Work is not fun at the moment, it's one big headache whether I'm there or not! Hopefully all will work out for the best in the end... xx