Monday, 5 October 2015

Crafting Weekend

Morning All,

Hope everyone is ok on this dreary Monday morning, looks like there's a lot of rain on the way over the next couple of days but at least the sun shone for us on Saturday.

Jack headed back to Cambridge this weekend with his friend, so that they could go and play rugby. It had been a while since Jack had played (he's only played a couple of times since fracturing his ankle last season!) but they had fun (no injuries, hurrah) and won 56-0, a lot LOT better than England managed on Saturday night. I am gutted that England are out of the world cup, especially as we're off to watch them play Uruguay in Manchester this coming weekend, but fingers crossed they'll still play a good game and give a good fight. Go England! :-)

My friend stayed for the weekend and we enjoyed a girly weekend that mostly consisted of a lot of nattering, some crafting and diving into a box of Milk Tray while watching Strictly and the Rugby(without the boys there to steal the chocs!). Rosie brought bags full of craft supplies and along with mine we were a little overrun on our small dining table. I just upgraded my phone and the new one is so slippery, so my first crafting project of the weekend was to crochet a simple sleeve for said slippery phone. It fits nice and snugly and it was good for me to practice trying to keep much better tension when crocheting (something I've not been very good at). I'm happy with it anyway and it does the job, especially when my phone is rattling around next to keys in my handbag. The new phone is brilliant too, the camera is amazing which is what I tend to be after in a phone these days because I can't lug my SLR camera everywhere. I was due an upgrade and managed to get a fantastic deal through my network (proves that you should always cancel first and they'll come begging for your custom) and so upgraded to the iPhone 6S. I used to hate iPhones and swear I wouldn't jump on the bandwagon but eventually did and I have to admit they are fantastic phones and so easy to use. Dad's happy as I'm giving him my old iPhone!

My finished phone sleeve
We next moved onto making some Christmas cards (sorry for mentioning that word but I'm secretly excited and trying to be organised) and I had fun with some glitter too. I've got lots more cards to try and make and I'm determined not to buy any this year to try and use some of my craft supplies up - I've banned myself from buying anymore at the moment (how long will that last...?). I also want to make some gift tags when I get a chance.
Christmas card making

A couple of cards I made
It was a lovely weekend anyway and flew past (how is it Monday already?). Jack arrived back from his Parents' Sunday afternoon and got straight into shed building, weather and light is now against him so he needs to get it built fast.
I did some gardening late afternoon on Sunday to tidy up plants that have almost finished flowering and give the beds a bit of a weed. I harvested the rest of our potatoes - not brilliant but hopefully they'll taste ok. I picked lots of sage leaves too and I'm going to try drying them in the airing cupboard; has anyone tried this? I hear it works well, but advice is welcome!
Sage is my favourite herb :-)
I also took some cuttings from my Rosemary plant. Hopefully they'll root, I've taken plenty just in case and read in one of my new books that it takes about two months for them to root.
Decorating plant labels just because I think they look nice in the ground!
It was so chilly last night as the wind picked up and brought this rain over us. Barry is a fantastic hot water bottle though and I took him upstairs with me while I watched Downton (he fell straight asleep so he's obviously not a fan!). Jack came to hook him out of our bed a couple of hours later though and took him back downstairs to his own bed much to Barry's dismay! He'd love to stay upstairs with us but he also loves his bed downstairs and is usually found sprawled out in a tangled mess of blanket and little Jack Russell legs with a toy close by!


  1. Looks like you had a lovely week end, your card are lovey, its so much better to make some rather than buy, the rain moved in here over night so I have a kitchen day :-)

    1. It was lovely Dawn, I only wish I had more time for crafting! I must try and make it my mission to have at least one weeknight crafting session :-) Hope your kitchen day went well, by the looks of your amazing honey it did!

  2. That dog is so cute! And a good weekend was had by all! x