Thursday, 29 October 2015

British Wildlife

I've read no end of articles lately saying how endangered our wildlife is here. It's predicted that hedgehogs will be extinct within ten years which is quite scary. We had one visiting our garden every evening which we loved as they're funny to watch, listening to them sniffing around. Not only that but we have A LOT of slugs in our garden and they relished them! We always keep Barry away when we knew the hedgehog was in the garden as I know many hedgehogs are attacked by dogs (which ultimately is instinct for a dog). Sadly it's now been a month since our prickly friend visited us and I believe he/she has probably been run over in the village. Our village is quiet in terms of traffic but I've seen a number of poor hedgehogs by the side of the road (sadly they're not very road-savvy in rural places).
There are lots of other British wildlife species that suffer too so hopefully a few of my photos will help refresh our memories on why British wildlife is so important. If ever I get a smallholding I'd like to dedicate an area of land just to wildlife. It doesn't take much (most of us already have feeders, wildflowers etc. in the garden to give wildlife a helping hand) and it's nice to know you're doing something for nature. I always buy my wild bird feed from RSPB too as all profits go straight back into conservation of British bird species. They also have a fantastic shop if anyone gets a chance to pop by, they have some brilliant Christmas present ideas and their prices are reasonable. A link to the shop is here.
Anyway, here's a few photos I've taken over the years in various places around the country. There's still lots of wildlife I'd love to see, to name a few;
  • Deer - especially during rutting season, the stags' antlers are so impressive
  • Red squirrel - I'm yet to see one in the wild!
  • Golden Eagle - planning a trip to Scotland next year to see these magnificent birds
  • Water Vole - I find these little creatures fascinating and have seen them before in the wild but sadly not to get a photo
I must get out with the camera more :-)
This is still one of my favourite photos - I took this at RSPB Fen Drayton Lakes, Cambridgeshire. I'm sure the Kestrel is gesturing her warning with that mouse!
This took a lot of patience and a lot of sitting very still!
I love this frosty photo
Coming in to land
Encouraging my photo subjects with some tasty mealworms!
Not fantastic photo but these Hares were quite a long way off in the field behind our house
Beautiful Red Admiral Butterfly
Scandinavian visitors; Waxwings. The first time I've ever seen these beautiful birds and they were perched in our front tree!
What is your favourite British wildlife species?
What wildlife visitors do you get to your garden?


  1. Some beautiful photographs there Emma. I hope you get your wish to see the wildlife you mentioned. There are quite a lot of red squirrel not too far from where I live so I have been lucky enough to see quite a few. X

    1. Thanks Jules :) I love red squirrels' tufty ears! I'd love to see one :-)

  2. Your photos are beautiful, taking pictures of wildlife is never easy is it! I love the last one, I have never seen Waxwings.

    1. Thank you for your lovely comment :-) Waxwings are lovely, I was told they only tend to head over this way if there's a really harsh winter back home, hence coming to stock up on all our berries. I hope you get to see them, they look very exotic!

  3. One of a hedgehogs main predators is the badger apparently so by protecting one we can harm another. Wildlife can be a balancing act and things do need to be managed.
    Lovely pictures by the way.

    1. Thanks Kev, I do agree. I think everything is in life cycles and so sometimes some species can go through a good period while others go through a bad period (quite like us humans maybe!). Take Sparrows, I remember hearing that house sparrows were having a terrible time a few years ago but I can vouch for having a very healthy population that greet me from our privet hedge every morning! Sometimes you wonder how much influence the human population is having on wildlife though. Have a good weekend :-)

  4. One of a hedgehogs main predators is the badger apparently so by protecting one we can harm another. Wildlife can be a balancing act and things do need to be managed.
    Lovely pictures by the way.