Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Late Harvest

Yesterday the wheat was finally cut behind our garden and it was wonderful to watch the Combine working. For weeks we've been wondering when they'd get around to harvesting, but finally I think the weather has been dry long enough.

It was a lovely evening too so I took Barry for an energetic walk around the Millennium field in the village where we bumped into his two new best friends Chester and Lola (two gorgeous French Bulldogs). They only live a few doors down from us and the owners are very nice too. It's all a good confidence builder for Barry especially getting to play with dogs more his size as he is still rather nervous. He's discovered his bark now though and the art of chasing back! I also walked the neighbour's dog over the weekend, another Lola (so many show girls around here!) but this time a Staffie. She's so affectionate but a bit of a tank too and usually bowls Barry right over!

Barry was rather intrigued by the Combine and tractor, giving it a little warning growl as I lifted him up so he could see it over our back fence.
Beautiful evening yesterday
I had a lovely weekend with my Mum, who came to stay with us from Friday until Monday while my Dad was on his walking holiday in Whitby. Their Norfolk home went live on the holiday company website they're using for holiday lets back on Thursday and they already have two bookings for September so they're very pleased and just a little relieved after all the time and money they've spent on giving the place a freshen up. It'll be a lovely holiday place for couples and families with the beach less than 10 minutes walk away and pub, shop and café less than 5 minutes walk from their bungalow too. They're also allowing up to 2 dogs which is great, especially for dog owners like us when we're looking for a dog-walking holiday. I took Mum to the Woodspeen on Sunday for a roast (I've been twice in one week but it was that good!), which was very tasty and impressively presented.
 Sunday lunch at The Woodspeen - my roasts never look this well-presented, usually because our plates are piled high with lots of delicious veg!
I also took Mum to Millets Farm Shop as I wanted to get some more of those lovely corn on the cobs, which we've enjoyed a couple of times now. There was a chilli festival going on with lots of tasting samples; I tried a piece of chocolate and chilli fudge which was really good, except in my haste I picked a piece up from the "hot" plate and it nearly blew my head off, I walked around the farm shop for the rest of the trip trying to get the feeling back in my tongue! Note to self, read label next time even if very excited at thought of food freebie...
Jack made a start on his shed at the weekend, but sadly he's very busy at work and hasn't had much more spare time since to carry on. We've got a quiet weekend at home planned this weekend so hopefully the weather will be kind to us so Jack can continue with the shed building and I can continue with the tortoise run building/landscaping.
Finally, I've managed to master crocheting granny squares, hurrah! I've totally got the crochet bug now and keep thinking of all these things I'd like to make. I'm currently doing a lovely mesh-style scarf which I'll hopefully have photos to show you shortly. If these cold mornings continue then I think I'll be wearing the scarf much sooner than planned. Not only that but our work building still has the air con blasting out and my hands are permanent blocks of ice, so perhaps wrist warmers should be next on the agenda.
Enjoy the rest of your week :-)


  1. Dreadfully behind on commenting! Your meal looks & sounds delicious & well done you on your crocheting, it has been really cold in the morning lately hasn't it I'm always forgetting my gloves when walking Rocky. Hope you have a lovely weekend xx

  2. Thanks Jo, I've got the crochet bug! Yes I actually purchased a wooly hat the other day; seems crazy in September but I get horribly painful ears in the cold and it can be quite windy on our dog walks up on the Ridgeway. Hope you have a lovely weekend too, hope the weather is nice :) xx

  3. Love the colours of you Granny Squares. That meal looked absolutely delicious, I do like a good roast xx

    1. Sorry for delayed reply! Thanks Cheryl :) You can't beat a good roast can you! xx