Monday, 28 September 2015

Blenheim Horse Trials

Sorry it's been a while since I last did a blog post, I've been in France all of last week which was lovely. Back to reality today, but the sun is shining which is making this Monday much happier :-)

A couple of weekends ago we went to the cross country day of Blenheim Horse Trials (three day eventing), held at Blenheim Palace. I'm a horsey person, though sadly don't have my own anymore so these events are perfect for me to get my horsey fix. We used to go to Burghley Horse Trials every September without fail when I was growing up, but sadly Burghley is too far away now so I was keen to see what Blenheim was like as it's much nearer to us (40 mins down the road). Our friends were visiting for the weekend from Cambridgeshire so it was lovely to make a day of it and we couldn't have wished for better weather. We all came back with tanned faces and weary legs!

This was also Barry's first horse trials and he loved it! There are thousands of dogs at these kind of events and cross country day is fantastic for walking the dog around a beautiful estate while watching the eventers too. Barry wasn't too keen on the horses thundering past but I'm glad he didn't take too much interest in them (some dogs manage to get off the lead and chase after the horses!). He loved meeting so many dogs and even found some water to have a swim. I was very angry and sad to hear just how many tannoy announcements there were though for people who had left dogs in their cars. I cannot begin to understand why you'd bring a dog to an event like this where they are most welcome (but kept on a lead) and then leave them locked in a hot car?! It was particularly warm that day too and police had no choice but to force entry into a number of cars to rescue distressed dogs. As I say it makes me very angry, especially as the fields where cars are parked are at least a ten minute walk from the jumps and shopping tent village.

Barry post-swim
Eventer galloping past Blenheim Palace
There are lots of shops and stalls at Blenheim and I had a lovely time browsing the big craft marquee for ideas for me and also gift ideas. I don't like to mention Christmas too early but I'm trying to be really organised this year and make lots of presents as opposed to just going to the shops and buying everything, so that means I need to start early!
British rider Oliver Townend
We had yummy hog roast rolls for lunch and Barry's pleading face meant he got some of Jack's ice cream afterwards!
In all, we had a really lovely day. It was tiring with the heat (we'd all dressed for rain and chilly weather) and all the walking, but the fresh air was lovely and we all slept well that night. I'm hoping to visit Badminton Horse Trials next year; they're held in Gloucestershire so not too far away. I've got a couple of horsey friends who I'm hoping will come with me too as it's always fun with a group of you.

More blog posts to follow when I get a moment, including a post on our recent little holiday to France :-)


  1. It looks like a great day was had by all, especially Barry. Even better to have the sun shining. Dogs left in cars makes me so angry too. There is no need for it. X

    1. It was a great day Jules, can't believe how blessed we were with the weather as this came after a solid week of rain! I agree, there is no need for leaving a dog in a car at any time, especially when bringing it to an outdoor event like this. I think they should name and shame the car owners x