Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Wildflower Meadow

It's been a while since my last post, apologies. I'm on jury service this week so despite all the waiting around I've just not had much time in between driving to Newbury to then get the train to Reading. I was picked for a case yesterday though, so there isn't so much waiting around. I'm finding the experience very interesting so far. That's all I'll say as you're not allowed to discuss anything!

I've discovered a new foothpath that I hadn't noticed before despite walking past it many times; once over the stile you're into the most beautiful wildflower meadow and I've really enjoyed going up there with Barry over the last week. It's so pretty especially on these sunny evenings and it's full of wildflowers, butterflies and bees.

I took my camera along the other day to try and get a few of the butterflies - Barry is a pain in the backside though and every time I crouched down quietly to try and photograph the butterflies he'd come bumbling along as if to say "whatcha doing Mum?!" and the butterflies would disperse quite quickly. Eventually he got side-tracked running through the long grass on the hunt for rabbits so I managed to get a few snaps.

Pyramidial Orchid I believe?


I'll be back with more blog posts soon...

Em x


  1. He looks very happy in the meadow. We haven't taken Rocky for a run through what I call a meadow close by, it isn't a meadow but it's full of wild flowers and grasses at this time of year so is pretty to look at and walk through. I'm glad you're enjoying your jury service stint x

  2. Looks beautiful Emma, I've always wanted to be picked for jury duty. Does work still pay you whilst you're there?

    1. Hi Kirsty, it was a great experience even if it was a lot of waiting around. My work still paid me as normal so I was quite lucky as I know a lot of companies won't and make you claim back loss of earnings through the court which isn't very much!