Monday, 4 July 2016

Blackbirds Nest Update 04/07/2016

The babies are growing well and jostling around a lot in the nest as they're so big now; they keep pushing the smallest from the nest poor thing. I know it's nature and these things happen but I have rescued him a couple of times and popped him back on the nest as the tortoises come straight over to investigate who's fallen into their run and Barry follows quickly behind at the sound of the tweets, so I speedily pick him up (wearing gloves so he doesn't smell too much of me) and pop him back on the nest where he's safer. Mum and Dad don't seem bothered by me doing this, moments later they fly in with food for them all as if to say "thanks for baby sitting". I'm petrified some horrible cat will get them and they're so close to being able to fledge now, come on little babies, the quicker you can fly the safer you'll be! They're about 10 days old and I believe they fledge at around 14 days so not long now...

Photo from Friday

Photo from yesterday


  1. Your so sweet popping the smallest bird back. I hope it survives x

  2. That would be me watching like a hawk and sticking him back in with a stern word to the others!