Monday, 16 May 2016

Hen Do & Weekend With Jack's Parents

Morning All! I hope everyone is well and that you had a nice weekend.

Just a quick update on Barry for those wondering how the poorly patient is, he's doing much better. He has been home from the Vets for a week now and for the most part has been fine. There has been the odd bout of vomiting but nothing to be concerned about and he's getting his appetite back which is a big relief (he's so skinny!). He seems quiet still but I'm hoping that by the end of this week he'll be back to his normal bouncy self. Fingers crossed we don't have another flare up for a while.. He's starting to play with his toys again which is a very positive sign, we just want him back to normal!

On the rare occasions Barry wanders off and lets me out of his sight, he can be found sunbathing!

Making friends with Harvey the gorgeous Sausage Dog on Sunday! First time that Barry has met a dog smaller than him!

We headed back to Cambridgeshire for the weekend to spend some time with Jack's parents and for my best friend's Hen Do which was great fun, I think Jess really enjoyed herself. We had a lovely meal out in Browns in Cambridge followed by some drinks in a bar. I had a really nice time and it was great to see Jess having fun before her big day in two weeks' time! I had organised goodie bags for everyone attending the hen do and I had great fun buying bits and putting them all together. The other girls generously contributed and the glow stick bracelets and personalised badges proved the biggest hits. I sorted balloons too and Jess' lovely mother in law to be, Rene, made some beautiful flower arrangements for the table too - lots of the things Jess loves to make it special for her. The wedding is fast approaching and I know she's beginning to get quite nervous and stressed, it's also hard without her Mum here who suddenly passed away just before Christmas. So my intent is to make sure my bestie is well looked after and relaxed!

Hen Do Goodie Bags

Some of the bag's contents

Beautiful flower arrangement!

Jess and I

It was lovely spending some time with Jack's parents too. They own a windmill that sits on their property and it was National Mills Weekend so it was open to the public. It was great to see lots of people coming to visit the mill to find out about its history and have a nose inside. If anyone finds it of interest, here's a couple of website links:

Cattell's Mill Website:

National Mills Weekend:

We've got a quieter week ahead of us which I'm relieved about as both Jack and I are tired after lots of travelling just recently. My brother is staying tonight as he's visiting a client near Reading tomorrow so that will be nice. They completed on their house purchase last Thursday so I'm looking forward to hearing all about their new home, with a possible visit planned for this coming weekend.

Other than that we will be making the most of pottering around in the garden and getting on with some DIY jobs in the house. I'm also dragging Jack out shopping on Saturday as he needs a suit for the wedding, so I think we'll head to Reading where there are plenty of shops.

Finally, just a few photos from my walk around Willingham while at Jack's Parents, everywhere looks so pretty even though everywhere stinks of pollen!!

Apple blossom

Lilac I believe? Please do correct me if I'm wrong!

Forget Me Nots back in our garden at home

Have a good week everyone!

Em x


  1. A lovely post and I pleased Barry is on the mend. xx

    1. Thanks Jo, he's doing really well. His full appetite has returned and he seems full of energy again on his walks! Hope you're having a good week x

  2. I do hope Barry has now turned a corner and will be bouncing back soon, It must be difficult for your friend arranging her wedding having just lost her mum, you are a good friend

    1. Hi Dawn, thank you, Barry seems a lot better this week and slowly putting on weight and gaining energy too! I think it's quite difficult for my friend without her Mum who she was extremely close to and so young to lose her Mum too, but she has lots of supportive family looking out for her and her younger brother and I think she'll do her Mum very proud at the wedding! Hope you're having a good week x

  3. I'm glad Barry is feeling better, it is such a worry when our dogs are not feeling very well. Tavi too has a sensitive stomach and eating something different can be a problem for him. It must be so hard for Jess she is lucky to have such good friends and family. The windmill looks fantastic! Sarah x