Monday, 17 August 2015

Weekend Activities & Barry Update

The weather was kind to us all weekend after the torrential downpours during Wednesday and Thursday and it was nice to see my water butt full once more in the garden (I must must invest in another water butt, I'm sure I can fit another one somewhere in the garden). We enjoyed sitting out in the garden in the sunshine admiring the hard work we've done in the garden so far. Jack has been busy clearing a space where he's going to construct his shed and he's also been busy building the outdoor tortoise run (photos coming soon). He wasn't the only one doing manual labour; I weeded the beds (Barry ran off with said weeds, scattering soil everywhere) and I painted the trellis - well half of it anyway as almost all of the top half is covered in a very happy and healthy Montana Clematis.

More Dahlias flowering in the garden
The combine was humming in the background nearly all weekend as it harvested the wheat in the distant fields, only a matter of days now I should think before they cut the wheat in the field directly behind our garden. As much as I love watching the Combine, Tractor and farmers working hard, the day they cut the wheat I will ensure I'm not home because the dust will do my Hayfever no favours (it's been behaving for the most part so I don't want to trigger it off again with lots still to do in the garden).
We fetched lots of bricks for the purpose of providing a base for the tortoise run (wood fencing on top, but the bricks buried into the soil around the perimeter will hopefully deter Squirt and Lola from trying to dig their way out) and so Jack's car was rather red and dusty inside by the time I'd finished. I was kind though and gave it a hoover and also washed it too while the weather was nice - good excuse for exercise and definitely just as energetic as a gym session!
Barry helped me wash the car
I took Barry to the Vets this morning for his check-up. They're pleased with how well the wounds are healing and his leg is looking nice and straight. We can increase his walks again now and gradually get him back to normal, so he's a very happy puppy. The Vets and Nurses at Donnington Grove Veterinary Surgery have been amazing, but I do hope we're not at the Vets any time soon other than for something very routine!
Sleepy Barry keeping me company on Saturday night while Jack was at Twickenham cheering on England in the World Cup warm-up - excuse the state of our sofa, I've patch-worked and fixed it so many times, we will eventually get a new one!
I also managed to get around to a little craft time at the weekend and made a simple Birthday card for my brother's partner, I do hope she likes all things floral and colourful!
Wishing you all a good week! :-)


  1. I love your patchwork sofa it looks homely and comfy, our tortoise likes to climb when get round to making his new home there will be a concrete base around the bottom, our last house he had the run of the garden, we had it tortoise proofed all the way around mammoth job this time we are making him a garden of his own :-)

  2. Thanks Dawn, it's a scruffy looking sofa these days but I have become quite attached to it over the last few years and I do like the patchwork. Bet it was lovely having a tortoise proof garden, a concrete base is a great idea. I can't wait to finish building their run for them, they'll love being out all the time. Hope your tortoise run building goes well too!

  3. Barry is such a sweet looking dog, they are so endearing aren't they! I'd love a patchwork sofa, yours looks very comfortable. I'm slowly disguising our boring leather ones with crochet blankets xx

  4. Thanks Jo, he's a character and very good at posing! Our sofa is very comfortable, we spend our time constantly beating the cushions to make it look like they have more filling than they actually do! Crochet blankets on the sofa sound lovely, I wish I could crochet. I've been trying to teach myself since last winter and end up with a mess and throw it back into a box in a huff! I can knit (averagely) but I'm determined to give crochet another go this autumn/winter. x